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"A Classroom of Disciples"

Our guest minister Rev. Lynda Dinsdale spoke today on a "A Classroom of Disciples". She had many good points in the sermon. One of the images she shared was of Jesus talking to both the Pharisees and his disciples. The Pharisees were very powerful and they wanted to look the part so their robes had to be perfect, everything had to be "just so" in their world. They were so concerned with the outward appearance that they forgot what they were to supposed to be doing and the message they were supposed to be sharing, that of God's word. They wanted people to look at them, to honor them, and to glorify them. Jesus did not want the disciples to fall into that trap when he was no longer there.

It is a trap that people easily can fall into today. Everyone likes recognition, likes to think that they are appreciated and that people notice what they do. The problem becomes when your pride and your ego take over and everything that you do is for your own personal recognition, not to further the work of the Lord. We are called upon to be humble servants, working to bring God's message to His people, not to glorify our efforts.

Next week our guest minister will be Tracy Ebarb. He is an enthusiastic speaker. We hope to see all of you there!

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