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In the 1930s, Rev. Jim Rayburn, son of nationally-known evangelist James Rayburn, came to Gainesville to take a position as a youth minister at First Presbyterian Church.  He later went on to found Young Life, a national Christian Youth organization.


Minutes from Regular Meeting of Session

January 26, 1930

The pastor presented the following names for membership in the church which were unanimously accepted:

Mr. and Mrs. G.R. McKissack, by letter.  Mrs. Glenn Webb, by letter.  Mrs. H.C. Bugg and daughter, Juanita Bugg, by letter.


Minutes from Regular Meeting of Session

February 2, 1930

The session was called together to act on the application of Mrs. Lee Moody for membership in the church by letter and she was unanimously received.


Minutes from Regular Meeting of Session

July 27, 1930

The pastor presented the following names for membership and they were received:  Lawrence Marshall and Henry Barlow by experience.  Earl Murphy, Hal Brooks and Ruth Phillips by experience and baptism.

Letters were granted to Mrs. Willie G. Cunningham and Mr. and Mrs. Ed P. Knight to the Valley View church, Valley View, Texas.


Minutes from Regular Meeting of Session

January 11, 1931

On motion the following letters were granted:  Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Barlow, John Barlow, Henry M. Barlow and Mrs. Helen Ballard to Saint Jo Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. G.B. Atkins to St. John’s Methodist Church, Houston.

Mrs. Lois Ford Webb to Denton Central Presbyterian Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Tod Pazdral were received by letter from the Coleman Presbyterian Church.


Minutes from Regular Meeting of Session

June 28, 1931

Letters of dismissal were voted to Miss Nellie Wynne, to Sweetwater Presbyterian Church, and to Mrs. J.B. Holt, to Alpine Presbyterian Church.


Minutes from Regular Meeting of Session

September 27, 1931

This meeting was held for the purpose of electing officers and teachers of the Sunday school, and the following were elected:

Superintendent, W.W. Leverett; assistant Supt. Jasper Estes; secretary, Mrs. W.W. Leverett.

      Supt. of Cradle roll and first year beginners, Mrs. Joe Pettit, Mrs. John McCarty.  Second year beginners, Miss Mary Starr.  First year primary, Mrs. Irb Bateman; second year primary, Mrs. Joe Barbour; third year primary, Mrs. A.L. Bryan.

     Supt. primary department, Mrs. G.R. McKissick.  Pianist, Katherine Moore; secretary primary dept. Mrs. Frank Morris.

     Supt. Junior department, Mrs. C.L. Sarles, Rufus Whiddon, assistant; pianist and secretary, Mrs. Annie Stinson.  Teachers-First year, Ida McCain; second year, Myrtle Anna Brooks; third year, Mrs. Annie Davis Smith; fourth year, Mrs. William Block.

     Supt. Intermediate, Senior and Young Peoples department, Madaline Brooks; secretary, Miss Alice Rollins; pianist, Virginia Priddy.  Teachers—First year, Mrs. Arie Gudgell; second year, Mrs. Chester Robb.  First year senior, Robt. Joiner, Jr.; second year senior, Mrs. Jasper Estes.  Young Peoples boys class, Wm. Block; young Ladies class, Miss Minnie Frasher, assistant, Mrs. R.E. Joiner.


Minutes from Regular Meeting of Session

October 8, 1931

The letter of Mrs. May Todd from the Southern Presbyterian church, Gainesville was received.

On motion the following members of the church were elected ushers for the next year:  Jasper Estes, chairman, Lee Moody, Irb Bateman, Will Block, Otto Kaden, Phil Johnson, Dr. Griffin, Tod Pasdral.

Session minutes 1930-31

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