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Session Minutes from 1921-1922

The clerk reported that arrangements had been made with Mr. Freed to act as organist and look after the organ and a salary of $25 dollars per month was voted to him by the session.

On August 1, 1921 it was reported that there were no church services held during the month of May as the pastor, choir director, and organist were on vacation.  Charles Richter was chosen as scout master for the Boy Scout troop to be organized.


Minutes from Called Meeting of Session

August 1, 1921

Clerk reported letters of dismissal to the following and action approved by session:

Wayne Sawyer to Temple, Texas, W.J. Wand to Ft. Worth, Mrs. Alice Dean to City Temple at Dallas, Mrs. R.M. Thompson nee Miss Una Sawyer to Amarillo (a golden moment for a genealogist-now they would know that Mrs. R.M. Thompson’s first name was Una and her maiden name was Sawyer and would have a rough idea of when the wedding took place and also what city they have left for), Mrs. G.W. Henderson and son Joe Wheeler Brown to Dallas, Texas.

The following new members were ordered enrolled:  Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Radcliff and son Jack Radcliff.


Minutes from Called Meeting of Session

September 23, 1921

Meeting was called to elect officers and teachers for the ensuring year.  The following were chosen:

Chas. Priddy and F.D. Henderson—Co-Superintendents

Mrs. W.W. Leverett, Secretary and Treasurer


Intermediate dept.  Teachers:

Mrs. S.W. Gregg, Mrs. J.H. Midkiff, Mrs. Carl Moore, Mrs. Alex Canon and Chas. Richter.


Elementary Dept.

Misses Eva Noble and Virgie Newton, Co-Superintendents

Mrs. Chas. Sarles and Mrs. John McCarty as secretaries.



Mrs. Bryan, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Rominger, Mrs. Ainsworth, Mrs. Garnett, Mrs. Gudgel, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Ratcliff, Mrs. Holland.  Misses Frankenberger and Aldridge.  Miss Clara Holland Sunday School organist.  Mrs. Stinson Elementary dept. organist.


Beginners Dept.:  Mrs. F.L. Magnenat, Supt.  Teachers:  Mrs. Ira Moss, Miss Elizabeth Brown, Miss Ruth Hocker as organist.



Minutes from Called Meeting of Session


February 5, 1922


Following names ordered enrolled as regular communicants:


Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Barlow, Misses Helen and Ina Barlow, Mrs. Mary Tipps and Gladys Barlow, L.L. Copeland, Alice Ludeman, Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Mahaffey, and W.J. Maddox.


The following letter of dismissal were reported by the clerk and approved by the session:

G.W. Cox to Graham, TX; L. Fenwick Dickson to Laurel, Miss.; D.H. Dodson to Colorado Springs, Colo.; and Mrs. Susan Bosson to Indianapolis, Ind.



Minutes from Called Meeting of Session


March 5, 1922


Clerk reported the following letters of dismissal issued since the last meeting:


Mrs. E.J. Gordon to El Paso, Texas; Stewart R. Camp to Miami, Florida; Miss Ada C. Russell to Hangchow, China; Wm. Jewel Smith to Hollywood, California.  The session voted its approval of such action.


The church letter of J.W. Mitchell was read and by vote of the session he was received as a regular communicant of the church.


Minutes from Regular Meeting of Session


June 4, 1922


Clerk reported the following names enrolled as regular communicants of the church and approved by the session:


By Letter:  G.M. Woolard (it had been typed S.M. but that is written over and it appears to be a S) and Wife; Alex Canon; T.J. Murphy and Wife; Claude Kennerly; Mrs. E.L. Giltner; Porter Wilson; Miss Maurine Lyle; Dr. E.C. Mead and Wife.


By Experience:  Elizabeth Maddox; Velma Holland; and E.L. Giltner.



Minutes from Regular Meeting of Session


September 3, 1922


Clerk reported letters of dismissal issued to the following members:  Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Philo to City Temple, Dallas; Mrs. F.L. Magnenat to Central Presbyterian Church at Denton, Mrs. C.W. Yetter to church at St. Jo; Mrs. Vergie N. Klepper to Crowell; Mrs. Katherine Grimes to Cooper.  Approved by session.


The following members were ordered enrolled as regular communicants:


By letter:  Franklin Miller

By experience:  Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Meyer, Willie Meyer and Eunice Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller.


The moderator was requested to draft suitable resolutions upon the death of Mr. McClure, one copy to be spread upon the minutes of the session and one copy to be sent to the family of Mr. McClure.





Minutes of Called Meeting of Session


September 24, 1922


The meeting was called for the purpose of electing officers and teachers for the ensuring year, the following were chosen:


Superintendents:  F.D. Henderson, C.P. Priddy

Secretary:  Mrs. W.W. Leverett; Assistants, Miss Lucille Ainsworth, Miss Florence Johnson.

Organist Main School:  Mrs. Alex Canon

Chorister Main School:  Mrs. F. D. Henderson

Intermediate Department:  Mrs. J.H. Midkiff, Superintendent; Mrs. S.W. Gregg, Mrs. F.D. Henderson, Miss Lucy Bradley, Mrs. J.P. Brown, Miss Pauline Ainsworth.

Elementary Department:  Miss Eva Noble, superintendent; Secretaries, Mrs. C.L. Sarles and Mrs. John McCarty.  Pianist, Mrs. Stinson.  Teachers:  Miss Gilbert, Miss Liles, Miss Ludeman, Mrs. Garnett, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Gudgell, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Bryan, Mrs. Ainsworth, Mrs. Ratcliff, Mrs. Rominger, Mrs. Frasher, Mrs. Smith.

Beginners Department:  Miss Mary Douglass Kennerly, superintendent; Secretary, Mrs. Ira Moss; Pianist:  Miss Ruth Hocker.  Teachers:  Mrs. Frank Miller, Mrs. Kaden.



Minutes of Regular Meeting of Session


November 5, 1922


Following additions to the church were reported and accepted:  Joe Whitaker,

experience and baptism; Mrs. Joe Whitaker, by letter; C.L. Aldridge by experience;

Mrs. Sam Bean, by letter.



Minutes of Regular Meeting of Session


December 3, 1922


Harvey Padgett was reported as an addition to the church by letter and he was accepted by the session.


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