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What We Believe

What We Believe

1) God is in charge of all things seen and unseen, and God's plan will ultimately succeed.

2) In Jesus Christ, God became one of us, to reveal the completeness of God's love and to defend death through resurrection.

3) In the Holy Spirit, God comes to be in us and with us, to call us to God and to enable us to live as faithful disciples.

4) The Bible witnesses to Jesus Christ and is our unfailing guide for faith and Christian living.

5) Our Mission Statement:  "As Christians believing that all authority is given to Jesus by God and that Jesus has commanded First Presbyterian Church to fulfill His commission; therefore, we set as our focus:  Telling the good news of salvation; participating in God's activity in the world as disciples; and learning and growing as disciples and observing all Jesus has commanded."

How Does Someone Become Part of Our Church?

You may unite with First Presbyterian Church by one of three ways:

  1. By profession of faith in Jesus Christ and baptism.

  2. By reaffirmation of faith in Jesus Christ.

  3. By Transfer of letter from your previous church.


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