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Cool Capers

Over the last few months a great deal has happened at the church. In May we sponsored a speaker who was a survivor of the Holocaust. It was a memorable evening with a full house at the State Theater. Hearing a first-hand account from someone who actually lived through that experience was incredibly moving. It makes an individual feel very grateful for their warm bed and a piece of bread, luxuries that Mr. Repp went without during that time period. I personally will never forget that experience and what an engaging human being he is. It also makes it very important to be aware of the events in the world today. When people do not speak up it makes it easier for atrocities to happen. It was once unthinkable that a "civilized" nation could perpetuate so much evil but history showed that that is exactly what happened. We must never let such a horror be unleashed again.

On a lighter note our patriotic songfest on July 4 was a lot of fun. The music was wonderful-have you ever heard "This Land is Your Land" sung in Hawaiian? We did that night by our very talented organist. The music at the church is becoming more eclectic, you never know what you might hear from one Sunday or from one event to the next.

This Saturday, July 22nd, "Cool Capers" will take place on the grounds of the church. As the temperatures heat up, this will be a great chance for families to "cool" off. A water slide will be provided and the fire department will be here with their pump hose to provide some fun with water. We will have karaoke music, a puppet show, a Bubble stand, a Creative Arts camp table, a photo stand, sidewalk art, color your own beach ball and refreshments. So grab your sunglasses and suntan oil and come on out to this fun-filled "Cool Capers" summer time event.

Until next time......

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