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Positive Happenings at First Presbyterian Church

Where to begin? So many changes in such a short period of time! We now have a wonderful interim pastor Melinda Hunt in place and she is doing a marvelous job! The church is growing and we are truly blessed as we go about doing God's work. Adopting Edison Elementary School has been a joy for the church and the volunteers who have had the chance to experience the love of those children. We have been serving meals there and reading to the children and helping them to get to their cars safely. We have provided socks and underwear there through our Bare Necessities drive (remember the song from Jungle Book?)!

This summer we celebrated the 140th anniversary of the founding of First Presbyterian Church. As I put it in an article for the newspaper, it is amazing what a missionary, a minister and 9 members can do when the Lord is behind them! Creative Arts Camp brought together the talents of the artists that we have in the congregation to share their strengths with children and introduce them to the joy of art and music. We currently are revamping our church library and are preparing for Faith In Action Sunday when we go out into the community to help.

Come and be a apart of all that is going on! The door is wide open and we would love to have you!

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